Hanging Out in Po’ipu


Yes, here in Hawaii we see the sunrise every morning.  I’m not proud of that, but there you have it.  Why?  Forty roosters per square foot of Kauai.

rooster2 rooster1mountain2 PoipuMountain Poipu longBoat

Spouting Horn: the waves crash in under the rocks (Po’ipu means crashing waves) and up through a hole so it spouts like a whale.

spoutingHorn2 spoutingHorn southCoastMountain

Rainbow from our lanai.


2 thoughts on “Hanging Out in Po’ipu

  1. I LOVED the roosters and chickens everywhere. I am convinced if Vallejo had the same the town would be transformed into a bay paradise with all the hoodlums suddenly nice and wonderful, no gangs, drugs or hookers, just roosters, chickens and sunshine!

  2. Your shots of the local fowls are gorgeous! The ocean pictures are breath taking! I always wanted to raise chickens, but am afraid of birds – ha!

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