I belong here in Kauai with the chickens…


Chicken of The Sea

Well, we found the biggest chicken on Kauai.  Here she is.

APPARENTLY I only love snorkeling when the fish keep their distance.  In Kona we snorkeled in a bay and in the surf and I loved it both times.  Here in Kauai we snorkeled several times at Lawai Beach and it is AWESOME and we snorkeled at Tunnels Beach and I was A-OK.

Po’ipu Beach has a LOT more fish.  A LOT.  Schools and schools and schools of them all swimming at me and it’s real shallow so I can’t escape the schools.  I hated it – freaked me out entirely.  Death holds no fear for me, but apparently thousands of fish are REALLY scary!  You will see photos of all the scary fish in a post by Jeremy later.  He got some great shots underwater at Po’ipu Beach!

I adore the ocean.  I love the surf.  I love to watch fish.  But it is obvious to me now that I appreciate them much more from land.  See – you can shoot turtles from above the waves!



Yes! That is a turtle in the surf.

There were a lot of turtles at Poipu Beach including nice cooperative ones that came onto the sand to visit with me.  It is a GORGEOUS beach!



When Jeremy went back in to snorkel some more (with 400 other snorkelers) I enjoyed shooting the place up from the safety of the sand.
I was using the water camera and got some spots on a couple…




The three pictures below show a spit of sand that leads to a reef of lava rocks.  The waves break around both sides of the spit and come at you from both directions at once as you walk out to what becomes a tiny island at high tide!  The third pic is shot from the lava rock reef looking back at the beach.










Another glorious day in paradise.

3 thoughts on “I belong here in Kauai with the chickens…

  1. your pictures are gorgeous. I love the ones of the waves breaking on the lava and the beach and the turtle and those awful scary fish. love you, mfn&n yfa

  2. When we were in Roatan earlier in the year we snorkeled at a beach where there were tons of fish also. When I first got in I was a little unnerved, but I got used to them, and they to me, and it wasn’t so bad. Actually one of the best snorkeling experiences we’ve had. Glad you enjoyed your vacation…welcome back to the mainland!

  3. Absolutely beautiful pics! Those turtles are amazing right! I see u r back safe, there’s no place like home….. Thanks so much for sharing! Awesome place to see & almost felt I was there.

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