Bandon Beach Rocks!

We stayed six nights at the Bandon Beach Motel in Bandon, Oregon on a cliff overlooking one of the most enchanting, mesmerizing pieces of coastline I have ever discovered.

I shot Bandon Beach at sunrise and sunset, high tide and low tide, foggy and sunny, peaceful and menacing, from cliff side and from surf side.  I became absolutely addicted
to shooting it and unable to stop myself getting another few frames from a different angle.  Like every ten minutes.  I shot nearly 4,000 frames in 16 days.  It’s possible half
those were of this beach.  Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration.

At one point I said to Jeremy (after a particularly long sunset shoot), “I can’t stop shooting those rocks!  I think I may need help!”  He said, “I’m helping!” as he clicked off his last few dozen frames.  Thanks Jer!

Here are 25 shots of Bandon Beach that really rock!

DSC03502_tonemapped copy


DSC09904_tonemapped copy

DSC09897_tonemapped copy

DSC00197-2_tonemapped copy

DSC00604_tonemapped copy

DSC00250_tonemapped copy

DSC03723_tonemapped copy

DSC03756_tonemapped copy

DSC03742_tonemapped copy

DSC03736_tonemapped copy

DSC00239_tonemapped copy

DSC09923_tonemapped copy

DSC00679_tonemapped copy

DSC00641 copy

DSC03141_tonemapped copy

DSC03191-2 Composite copy

DSC09919-2_tonemapped copy

DSC09930_tonemapped copy

DSC09959_tonemapped copy

DSC09967_tonemapped copy

DSC03772-2_tonemapped copy

DSC03487_tonemapped copy

DSC03145_tonemapped copy

DSC00667_tonemapped copy

3 thoughts on “Bandon Beach Rocks!

  1. My favorites are the ones with the sunset. I love the contrast of the colors. But the one that made me smile was Boscoe with that really tall rock beside him. He looked so tiny !!

  2. So pretty – they almost look like your on another planet in some of them. But, the ones with fog are so captivating. Fabulous (*clap, clap, clap), you have a gift!

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