Fun for Foodies!

OK – when we went to Europe, a friend asked us to shoot photos of food – NOT just food we ate, but how and where food is sold.  The following pictures were all taken with that in mind.


The first eight photos are from Plitvice Miric Inn.

salad with cabbage was delicious

chicken broth with veggies really went down nicely


FRESH trout, roasted veggies, roasted potatoes, rice and corn pilaf, beans, polenta, garlic chard and some gluten-free pasta.

The breakfast buffet at Plitvice Miric Inn was beautiful!

scrambled eggs and meats in the heated silver pans, boiled eggs, yogurt, fruits and cheeses.

The cheeses and cold cuts were extremely high quality.


a variety of breads

more fresh fruit and all kinds of baked goodies and jams and things to spread on your toast.

cold cereal, tea & coffee

The next 6 shots are from a grocery store in Croatia.

This is a big difference to the way we do it here: You pick up your fruit and set it on the scale and enter the code for that fruit. The scale prints a sticker that you put on the fruit bag and the checker scans it!

much larger variety of breads here – all of it fresh. I do not recall seeing bread in a bag (of course I wasn’t looking for it either).


another whole case of CHEESES!


meat counter where we bought the BEST salami I have ever eaten.


Jeremy’s meat platter in PakoŇ°tane included veal, chicken, pork chop, lamb. YUM.


I ordered the risotto in PakoŇ°tane, but it was much more like a gumbo.

Prices are in kuna per pound. A family pack of chicken thighs sells for $3.95 per pound.

The little sign on the left advertising grilled meats is for lamb, pig and chicken on a spit.

EVERYWHERE in northern Croatia we saw spits grilling wild boar.


We must have passed 100 of these same kind of grills along the road and in people’s backyards.

Ston, Croatia is famous for oysters. I was feeling better and HUNGRY the day we arrived in Ston for lunch. I had eaten all of my fried oysters before I remembered to take a photo.

Octopus salad is DELICIOUS!

a lovely salad. I have never in my life eaten more delicious tomatoes than those we ate in salads ALL down the Croatian coast. They tasted like the ones my grandma used to grow! <3


We ordered a second round of the fried oysters so we could take a picture for you, but, um… Well we wolfed those down also. But aren’t they served on lovely shells?

Caprese Salad with buffalo mozzarella , tomatoes and basil at LAJK in Dubrovnik.

Pag Island lamb with potatoes at LAJK in Dubrovnik.

Carbonara in Kotor


Veal cutlets in Kotor

Wjat’s left of the most delicious octopus salad and black rice (with squid ink).

the local mussels were delicious at Castiglione del Lago

pasta with shrimp and squid sauce

local brew made with beans!


This full bar is in a coffee house in Italy. Coffee houses in Croatia also had full bars.

cappuccino in Italy

chocolatier in Switzerland

bakery in Switzerland

bakery in Switzerland

bakery in Switzerland


bakery in Switzerland