Dubrovnik – FIVE Stars, Highly Recommend!

Visit Dubrovnik!

The #1 thing to do in Dubrovnik is walk the famous City Walls. 
Cyndi’s full photo tour from 2017 is at THIS LINK. 
Enjoy dazzling views of the sparkling turquoise water of the Adriatic, and the narrow winding streets of Old Town lined with red-tiled roofs.  

The walk is a little over a mile, and takes 90 minutes to two hours.

To get a view of the Walls themselves, walk up to Fort Lovrijenac.

Fort Lovrijenac

The view from the top of Fort Lovrijenac is one of my favorites in the world!

City Walls Tickets include Fort Lovrijenac, & currently cost €15. 

BUY the Dubrovnik Pass!
Dubrovnik Pass currently costs €15 for one day, €25 for three days, and €35 for seven days.

Dubrovnik Pass includes City Walls, and Fort Lovrijenac, PLUS:

  • Dubrovnik Bus Pass for one, three, or seven days
  • Cultural History Museum, Rector’s Palace 
  • Maritime Museum
  • Ethnographic Museum
  • Natural History Museum
  • Franciscan Monastery Museum
  • Archaeological Exhibitions & Foundry Museum 
  • Museum of Modern Art
  • art galleries & studios
  • Discounts at hundreds of stores and restaurants
  • and MORE!

Buy Dubrovnik Pass online at THIS LINK.

Cultural History Museum in Rector’s Palace
THIS is my TOP choice for museums in Dubrovnik!

Amazing collection of art, furniture, jewelry, history, wealth and beauty on display in a glorious building. Truly fabulous. I will go back.
Click LINK for more info

Bronze jacks Maro & Baro

Maritime Museum
This museum is situated up on the City Walls, and worth a visit for anyone interested in maritime history in Croatia.
Click LINK for more info.

Ethnographic Museum
Housed in the old granary, another very cool building that has been restored beautifully, this museum is home to original ethnographic folk handicrafts from the local area, traditional Croatian garments, farming implements, musical instruments, and incredible views of Old Town!
Click LINK for more info.

Franciscan Monastery Museum
Simply beautiful.
Click LINK for more info.

Foundry Museum & Fort Bokar
Enter at Fort Minčeta and exit at Pile Gate. The Foundry museum features pottery exhibits and ruins from a 15th century foundry.  Just beyond, enjoy wandering between the inner and outer walls on the west side, pass Pile Gate for a chance to explore Fort Bokar, and enjoy some truly spectacular views of Dubrovnik. This attraction is an incredibly well kept secret so far, and I had the entire area to myself for almost 90 minutes in a city thronged with tourists. Click LINK for more info.

Above attractions and MORE included in Dubrovnik pass!

Dubrovnik Cable Car
Round trip from Old Town to Mount Srđ for glorious views of the Adriatic, Elafiti Islands, Old Town, and Lokrum. Fabulous place for sunset!
Tickets are currently €27. Click LINK for more info.

Dubrovnik Aquarium
Akvarij Dubrovnik is situated within St. John’s Fortress, and is part of the Institute for Marine and Coastal Research. Well worth the €8 entry fee.
NOT included in the Dubrovnik pass.  

Dubrovnik Accomodations

Sobe na Konalu
We stayed here for three nights in 2017, and came back for ten more in 2021. Next time we’re in Dubrovnik, we will definitely stay again. I love everything about this place! The location is perfect, just a 15 minute walk from Old Town and the beach, it sits on the hill so the view is spectacular.

view from our balcony

view from the garden

view from our window

Sobe na Konalu is right across the street from Magistrala 2 bus stop. Take the bus both ways with ease, or enjoy a beautiful stroll into town, and then take the bus back up the hill. Perfect!

The beds are very comfortable. The linens are clean. Free parking and wifi made it very convenient, and we loved the newly renovated bathroom. 

But I think the best part about Sobe na Konalu is Vanja.  Vanja is a perfectly delightful hostess whose lifelong knowledge of Dubrovnik enhances the experience of her guests. Vanja told us how to get everywhere we wanted to go, and helped us find anything we needed. She even helped us arrange for our covid tests when we still needed them to return to the USA. 
Click LINK for more info.

Apartment Odin
Last tine we were in Dubrovnik, we didn’t rent a car and we stayed in this beautiful apartment just a one-minute walk from Old Town. The only thing better than the location was the view!  Click LINK for more info.
Just below Fort Lovrijenac, the apartment was very convenient to Old Town and situated at the top of two flights of stairs.

It was well worth the climb, and I highly recommend this place!

Hotel Excelsior
I cannot recommend this hotel since I have never stayed here, and the rooms go for around $1,000 per night in season. However I do want to mention their amazing view.

i stole this image from the google

We decided to go over at sunset and have a beverage at their bar where we enjoyed the amazing sunset view, EXPENSIVE sparkling water, and friendly conversation with some really nice people. Did I mention the view?

Five Star Food in Dubrovnik

Konoba Aquarius
We have eaten at more than a dozen places in Dubrovnik, and while many are quite good, Konoba Aquarius is our favorite! On a recent ten day trip we visited five times including our first and last nights.

Aquarius sits on an unassuming terrace with a beautiful garden. The view may not be as spectacular as other Dubrovnik restaurants, but their food and service put them at the TOP of my list. They lured us in the first time with the menu posted where we saw it while walking the City Walls. 
Click LINK for more info.

The first two items on the menu are frog legs, and shark steak.
Those have become my two favorite dishes! 

grilled frog legs & Aquarius salad

shark steaks

Their whole grilled fish is OFF the hook – pun intended.

And the staff is just spectacular! 

Irmis got to feel like an old friend!

My next two picks for top restaurants in Dubrovnik were both ones we found while wandering Old Town when our “restaurant radar” went off.
I’m super happy that I didn’t know at the time that they are both Michelin rated, or we probably would have dismissed them and walked on! 

Bistro Tavulin
We ate here once, and it was two of the BEST dishes we ate in Croatia! The sea scallops were grown in Split, and the lamb was locally raised.
Click LINK for more info.

sea scallops

the BEST rack of lamb we have ever eaten

Taj Mahal
Amazing Bosnian restaurant with an Indian name. We discovered this place the day before we left Dubrovnik, and still managed to squeeze it in twice! We were sorry that we didn’t get a chance to do a deeper dive in their menu, because the items we did try were absolutely unforgettable. This will be our first stop next time we are in Dubrovnik. Click LINK for more info.

cold yogurt soup was AMAZING – we ordered it twice

roasted pepper with honey and walnuts

burek cigars

grilled chicken and fruit salad

fritters & kajmak – OMG!!

Honorable Mention:
Bota Šare Oyster & Sushi Bar
This place makes a GREAT poke bowl! If you’re looking for some delicious fresh veggies, Adriatic-fresh sushi, and local oysters from Ston, this place is reasonably priced and has a nice view.

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