Port Orford, Oregon

I really loved Bandon best, but Port Orford is pretty awesome, too!

DSC03284_tonemapped copyBattle Rock

DSC00119_tonemapped copy

DSC00722_tonemapped copy

DSC00063_tonemapped copy

DSC00113_tonemapped copy

DSC00052_tonemapped copy

DSC00065_tonemapped-2 copy

DSC03279-2_tonemapped copyI look particularly happy in this picture because I had just seen whales in the wild
for the first time!  The following foto captured the spout of one of them.


DSC00551_tonemapped copy

DSC00528_tonemapped copyNow THIS is interesting:  Notice the two yellow cranes in the above picture.
Then also notice that ALL the boats in the foto below are on trailers.

DSC00543_tonemapped copy

DSC00541_tonemapped copy

DSC00546_tonemapped copyThere are those two yellow cranes again (above and below).  So, the sea is so rough here, they don’t leave boats in the water!  The boats get craned out of the water and onto trailers, then have to be hoisted back into the water every time they go out!

DSC00703_tonemapped copy

DSC00034_tonemapped copySee the house above Battle Rock in front of the stand of trees?  If you’re not sure which one I mean, you can see it better in the first photo at the top of this post.  It’s for sale!
We can open a bed and breakfast in Port Orford.  Just check out the view below!

DSC03282_tonemapped copy