I belong here in Kauai with the chickens…


Chicken of The Sea

Well, we found the biggest chicken on Kauai.  Here she is.

APPARENTLY I only love snorkeling when the fish keep their distance.  In Kona we snorkeled in a bay and in the surf and I loved it both times.  Here in Kauai we snorkeled several times at Lawai Beach and it is AWESOME and we snorkeled at Tunnels Beach and I was A-OK.

Po’ipu Beach has a LOT more fish.  A LOT.  Schools and schools and schools of them all swimming at me and it’s real shallow so I can’t escape the schools.  I hated it – freaked me out entirely.  Death holds no fear for me, but apparently thousands of fish are REALLY scary!  You will see photos of all the scary fish in a post by Jeremy later.  He got some great shots underwater at Po’ipu Beach!

I adore the ocean.  I love the surf.  I love to watch fish.  But it is obvious to me now that I appreciate them much more from land.  See – you can shoot turtles from above the waves!



Yes! That is a turtle in the surf.

There were a lot of turtles at Poipu Beach including nice cooperative ones that came onto the sand to visit with me.  It is a GORGEOUS beach!


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The Scary Fishes of Po’ipu Beach

PiopuBeachLagoon_wThe gallery below captures the schools of fish around the protected areas of the beach.  Showing the slideshow will pop up a small in-place slideshow that cycles through them. It’s probably good for smartphones, but I can’t check because mine is at 300 feet off the Na Pali Coast. 😉

If you click on any picture in the gallery, it will take you to a  full-size version, with buttons at the bottom corners so you can cycle through them.  Press your <ESC> key to exit the viewer.

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Hanging Out in Po’ipu


Yes, here in Hawaii we see the sunrise every morning.  I’m not proud of that, but there you have it.  Why?  Forty roosters per square foot of Kauai.

rooster2 rooster1mountain2 PoipuMountain Poipu longBoat

Spouting Horn: the waves crash in under the rocks (Po’ipu means crashing waves) and up through a hole so it spouts like a whale.

spoutingHorn2 spoutingHorn southCoastMountain

Rainbow from our lanai.