I belong here in Kauai with the chickens…


Chicken of The Sea

Well, we found the biggest chicken on Kauai.  Here she is.

APPARENTLY I only love snorkeling when the fish keep their distance.  In Kona we snorkeled in a bay and in the surf and I loved it both times.  Here in Kauai we snorkeled several times at Lawai Beach and it is AWESOME and we snorkeled at Tunnels Beach and I was A-OK.

Po’ipu Beach has a LOT more fish.  A LOT.  Schools and schools and schools of them all swimming at me and it’s real shallow so I can’t escape the schools.  I hated it – freaked me out entirely.  Death holds no fear for me, but apparently thousands of fish are REALLY scary!  You will see photos of all the scary fish in a post by Jeremy later.  He got some great shots underwater at Po’ipu Beach!

I adore the ocean.  I love the surf.  I love to watch fish.  But it is obvious to me now that I appreciate them much more from land.  See – you can shoot turtles from above the waves!



Yes! That is a turtle in the surf.

There were a lot of turtles at Poipu Beach including nice cooperative ones that came onto the sand to visit with me.  It is a GORGEOUS beach!


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The Scary Fishes of Po’ipu Beach

PiopuBeachLagoon_wThe gallery below captures the schools of fish around the protected areas of the beach.  Showing the slideshow will pop up a small in-place slideshow that cycles through them. It’s probably good for smartphones, but I can’t check because mine is at 300 feet off the Na Pali Coast. 😉

If you click on any picture in the gallery, it will take you to a  full-size version, with buttons at the bottom corners so you can cycle through them.  Press your <ESC> key to exit the viewer.

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