Puna Bear and Verla Bear’s Adventures in Croatia

Here are some of the shenanigans that Puna and Verla Bear got up to in Croatia!

Bears always fly Business Class

Bears don’t mind masks.

They said it was good luck to rub the toe of Saint Gregory.

Bears get into trouble with the Roman guards at the palace.

acting like some silly tourists we saw…

Jeremy, keep a hand on those two!

this is after I pulled them outta the fountain and dried them off.

looking deceptively innocent.

Hanging around waiting for lunch.

making friends wherever we go!

Bears like bread and olive oil.

never let the bears get bored!

Bears like grapes

No! You cannot ‘borrow’ the scooter!

They slowed down for a minute to enjoy the sights in Zadar.

Bears had to have a time out at the pillar of shame.

They climbed to the top of the fort in Omiš.

They enjoyed the sights in Korčula.

Bears like octopus salad.

Bears LOVE fresh muscles!

Bears like fried oysters!

Bears enjoy tasty beverages at sunset.

Walking the Walls of Dubrovnik was definitely a highlight!

Bears enjoy ocean views!

Verla Bear locked Jeremy in the tower.

Tiny bear windows!

Bears love to shoot canons.  Look out Dubrovnik!

Bears like beaches.

Bears LOVE dessert!


Enjoying Klis Fortress

Bears like to inspire people and leave positive messages wherever they go!


One thought on “Puna Bear and Verla Bear’s Adventures in Croatia

  1. i loved these pics. don’t know who has more fun, you or the bears. there is one pic, close to the end, and they are sitting on a wall overlooking the sea looking out at an island. gorgeous. love you. thanks for sharing.

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