Itinerary Europe!

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Croatia – Road Trip!

First leg – Zagrb to Karlovac

Karlovac to Plitvice Lakes National Park

Stopping at Petro Rastoke (video here) to eat.  I plan to order the bear stew, BUT – watch the video to see how FRESH the trout is!


Plitvice Lakes National Park

Second leg – Plitvice Lakes through Zadar to Pakoštane



Third Leg – Pakoštane to Omis

Aerial View of Omis and Cetina River at Dramatic Sunset, Dalmati


Fourth leg – Omis to Dubrovnik



Sept 4 – Dinner at Lajk

Sept 5 – Breakfast at Dubravka Cafe & Dinner @ Lajk

Day trip – Day Trip to to Montenegro

"Crkva Gospa od Zdravlja" church, Kotor bay, Montenegro.


Fifth leg – Dubrovnik to Trogir

Wedding in Italy!

We fly across the Adriatic sea to Rome, and then drive to Villa San Crispolto for the wedding!


Villa San Crispolto

Check out this cool drone video of the villa where we will be going
to Colin & Marisa’s wedding on Lake Trasimeno in Italy!

The villa has some apartments attached to it.  Jeremy and I will be sharing one of the units with our roommates Dan & Aurora McCaleb.  

This is the view from our bedroom in the apartment!

Switzerland to visit friends!

After seven beautiful nights with Jeremy’s family, we will take the train
from Magione, Italy to Vevey, Switzerland!

I am excited about the nine hour trip that includes changing trains in both Florence and Milan!

Railway station in Milan.

For the last five nights of our grand adventure we are staying on Lake Geneva
in Cully, Switzerland where we will visit with Jon & Afnan!

This is the view from the terrace of the hotel we will be staying in!

Many people have teased that we “won’t come home” or that we’ll just send for our things to be sent over, but after THREE whole weeks without my baby, I will be delighted to fly home and see this sweet face!  Don’t worry, Boscoe!  We will always come home for our puppy. ♥ 

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