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Currency Exchange Zagreb Airport

I saw this on a comment thread:

Does anyone know if the bank at Zagreb airport offers the same money exchange rate from US Dollars to Kuna as the banks in the city? Also are $100 bills easy to exchange or not advised?

Would also appreciate any restuarant/supermarket recommendations close to the airport (on the way to Plitvice….also looking for a Tomato cell phone store or place to buy a SIM card near/at the airport)

Banks should have the same exchange rate everywhere.  Any bills are exchangeable.

I think Tomato cards are sold at kiosks and post office, not sure though about the airport.  As for supermarket – since the airport is close to Velika Gorica, you’d take the road from the airport, and turn left at the 2nd traffic light towards the town. follow the signs for Merkator supermarket (there you’d certainly have Tomato, and in vicinity is a VIP (Zagrebačka street 4) and T-com shop (Kurilovečka 2)).

For Plitvice, follow the highway signs to Karlovac (50km), then just before the town you’ll find the signs for Plitvička jezera, or if not, follow the signs to get off the highway into the Karlovac town, and after getting out of toll booths, simply go straight without turning, all the way to Plitvice.

Before Plitvice, in the town of Slunj, don’t miss Rastoke wooden mills 🙂

Enjoy Croatia!

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